Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

Mountain bike vs Road bike

The differences between road and mountain bikes stem from what you’d be using the bikes for. Road bikes are designed to be used on paved surfaces; so cycle paths, streets, country lanes, etc. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are designed for off-road riding, so effectively the opposite of what road bikes are designed for.  … Read more

Difference between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike

Spinning bike vs Stationary Bike

It’s been established that cycling has amazing health benefits and if you decide to try indoor cycling for some reason, you should know that all bikes are not the same.  In this article, I’ll be throwing some light on two bikes: an indoor bike and a stationary bike. The indoor bike is a spinning bike … Read more

Men’s Vs Women’s Bikes

Mens vs Womens Bikes

Some may think that the need to differentiate men’s and women’s bikes is a bit outdated. It also doesn’t help that in the past, women’s bikes were a bit of a joke performance-wise. Today, however, women’s bikes can easily match men’s bikes in specs, comfort and performance.  Despite the improvement in female bike performance, there … Read more

Gear vs Non Gear Cycle


When comparing bikes today, a majority of the conversation is about what terrain type bike to get; road, mountain, gravel, fat tire and even electric now. It’s understandable. Those are the only types of bicycles we generally hear about now. However, all bicycles can be classified as geared or non-geared bikes. Honestly, I personally only … Read more