Best BMX Bike for Wheelies

Best BMX Bikes for Wheelies

Strap your protective gear on because today, we’re diving into the exhilarating world of best BMX bikes for wheelies. Not just any old BMX bikes, though; we’re talking about those two-wheeled marvels made specifically for pulling off wheelies that make passersby ooh and ahh in awe.  Our top pick, drumroll please, is the Mongoose Legion, … Read more

Do BMX Bikes have Brakes?

Do BMX bikes have brakes

Those new to BMX may be wondering – do BMX bikes have brakes? Most types of bikes, such as mountain bikes, have brakes – for a good reason, as it would be somewhat dangerous not to – but are BMX bikes different? Yes and no. BMX riding differs from standard bicycle riding, but safety rules … Read more

How much does a BMX Bike weigh?

How much does a bmx bike weigh

The weight of a BMX bike is important because it is designed to be aerodynamic. It also aims to suitably carry riders of all sizes and weights, so it needs to be sturdy. So sturdy must mean heavy, right? Wrong. Many riders will factor in how much a BMX bike weighs when looking to buy … Read more

Are BMX Bikes Good for Cruising?

Are BMX bikes good for cruising

BMX bikes aren’t regular bikes – we know that. Even those with a little knowledge of the vast and colorful world of BMX riding will know that these types of bikes are predominantly designed for stunts and tricks. But are BMX bikes good for cruising? The short answer is no. While technically you can use … Read more