Fat Bike vs Mountain Bike

Fat Bike vs MTB

Fat bikes are the newest craze in outdoor biking, and it’s easy to see why. Fat bikes offer a unique experience to help riders go places they never thought possible. Not to mention, fat bikes are just plain fun to ride!  On the flip side, mountain bikes are known for their durability and ruggedness, making … Read more

Mountain Bike Helmet vs Road Bike Helmet

MTB vs Road Helmet

Helmets are vital as they reduce the risk of brain injury and death by taking the brunt of the crash impact. However, choosing a fitting helmet is just as crucial as wearing one. This article will look at the two most common types of bike helmets – Road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets. What … Read more

Commuting with a Mountain Bike

commuting with a mountain bike

Commuting with a mountain bike isn’t impossible. However, it would be best to consider your terrain when picking the right bike for commuting, as mountain bikes make a better choice for rough terrains. If you don’t plan to ride your mountain bike on bumpy and challenging terrains, consider making basic modifications for a better and … Read more

Can You put Fat tires on any Bike?

Can you put fat tires on any bike

If you’re a fan of fat bikes, you probably know they have wide fat tires, also known as fat tires, because they’re 4-5 inches wide. On the other hand, mountain bikes feature tires that aren’t as wide. They range between 2 and 2.5 inches in width. Many people prefer fat tires over regular ones because … Read more

Can I use Mountain Bike on Road?

Can I use MTB on road

A mountain bike is specially designed to be ridden on uneven and rough terrain. It’s a popular style of bike that people don’t usually use on roads. If you’re wondering, can I use a mountain bike on the road, then the answer is yes. You can ride a mountain bike on the road if you … Read more

Full Face vs Open Face helmet MTB

full face vs open face helmet mtb

You just got your mountain bike and are ready to get out on the trails and start a new adventure. Before you do so, invest in some safety gear.  Things like knee and elbow pads are great, but the helmet is the most important bit of gear.  Flesh wounds and broken bones are painful, but … Read more

Are Vans Good for Mountain Biking?

are vans good for mtb

When it comes to mountain biking, your choice of footwear matters a lot. Mountain bikers like to grab their most comfortable pair of shoes, which is why Vans are their first choice. Now the question is, are Vans good for mountain biking? Let’s find out the answer in detail. Can You Use Vans for Mountain … Read more

How much do Mountain Bikes weigh?

how much do mountain bikes weigh

Bike weight seems to be a hot topic among bikers of all types—and it’s usually for good reason. It’s hardly the first feature you look out for when buying your first bike. However, as you fully join the biking community and start to upgrade your bike or its components, you’d find yourself talking about bike … Read more

What muscles does mountain biking work?

what muscles does mountain biking work

Most of us took up mountain biking for the fun of it. But under the hood, mountain biking works and develop our muscles. I for one, never really gave it much thought. Recently, I figured out how amazing the work done by the muscles is when we ride bikes. Our muscles play a major role … Read more

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