Are Foldable Bikes Safe?

Did you know that folding bikes have become increasingly popular since the public developed an interest in them in the 1970s? And according to this

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How To Paint A Bike Without Taking It Apart

How to Paint a Bike Without Taking it Apart

You want to give your bike a fresh, as-good-as-new look but dread having to disassemble it. Then, you’re probably pondering how to paint a bike

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can you put a basket on a mountain bike

Can You Put a Basket on a Mountain Bike?

Yes, indeed! Mountain bikes can have baskets attached at the front and rear for added convenience. Whether you’re commuting to work, out on a casual

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Effect of cycling on body shape

Effect of Cycling on Body Shape

When people first take up cycling, they are usually riddled with questions about how this leg-dominant sport will impact their body shape. Most common queries

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how to transport e bikes

How to Transport an eBike

If you are bored of riding your eBike along the same route over and over, it may be time to begin some exploring: a biking

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why do mtb helmets have visors

Why do Mountain Bike Helmets Have Visors?

Even a biking novice will immediately notice that mountain bike helmets look different from road bike helmets. Yes, MTB helmets are bulkier at the back,

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can you ride ebike without battery

Can You Ride an eBike Without the Battery?

Yes, you can ride an e-bike without a battery, but it isn’t easy. Electric bikes are not only a convenient and economical mode of transportation,

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Mountain biking hashtags

Mountain Biking Hashtags

If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast and want to have your social media posts widely viewed and liked, the trick lies in using good hashtags.

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how to turn light on electric bike

How to turn light on an electric bike

So you’ve got your brand new eBike. You’ve pretty much got the hang of it. Now, you wanna do some night riding. Oh snap, the

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how to take off peloton shoes

How to take off Peloton shoes correctly

When you’re done working out on your Peloton bike, taking off your Peloton shoes may not be as easy as putting them on. I know

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how much does a motorcycle weigh

How much does a motorcycle weigh?

Motorcycle weight is an important detail to put into consideration when making a purchase. Buying a motorcycle without being aware of its weight and how

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how much do e-bikes cost

How much does an electric bike cost?

Electric bikes are great for people that want to reduce their dependence on cars and try something else. Electric bikes enable you to ride even

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how to get bike grease out of clothes

How to get bike grease out of clothes

Got bike grease on your favorite shirt? You don’t have to throw it out. Bike grease can come off quickly in many ways and with

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how far do electric bikes go

How far can you go on an electric bike?

People choose electric bikes over regular bikes because they allow you to go further with the same amount of leg power. It now becomes essential

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how long does it take to cycle 10 miles

How long does it take to bike 10 miles?

Your reason for cycling might be to burn calories or put in effort for leg day outside the gym, knowing the distance and time helps

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How to charge electric bike

How to Charge Electric Bike

An electric bike is a bicycle with an electric motor that aids propulsion. Year after year, electric bikes are getting increasingly popular for various reasons

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Mountain bike vs Road bike

Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

The differences between road and mountain bikes stem from what you’d be using the bikes for. Road bikes are designed to be used on paved

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do you have to pedal an ebike

Do you have to pedal an electric bike?

Ebikes have steadily been gaining popularity amongst bike lovers because they require less work from their users than regular bikes. An e-bike’s ease of use

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Spinning bike vs Stationary Bike

Difference between Spin Bike and Exercise Bike

It’s been established that cycling has amazing health benefits and if you decide to try indoor cycling for some reason, you should know that all

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Can you get a DUI on a Bicycle?

Let’s be clear, getting a DUI is never a good idea! According to, more than 25% of all traffic related deaths are the direct

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mountain biking in the rain

MTB in the Rain

When it rains, it pours… Riding the trail in the rain is a great way to unleash your adventurous side while experiencing that adrenaline rush.

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