How Long does an Electric Bike Motor last?

An electric bike motor can last between 3 to 10 years.

This might sound like a long time, but the longevity of an electric bike motor is solely dependent on maintenance and usage.

When properly maintained, the motor can outlast all other bike parts. Given how well the motor is built, you’ll probably replace all other bike parts before the motor wears out.

Once you learn how electric bikes work, you will understand why they are so durable.

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last?

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as a quick and easy way to get around. 

If you take care of your electric bike’s motor, it can travel up to 10,000 miles before it needs to be replaced.

Electric bikes have a lot more to offer than traditional bikes. With the invention of electric bikes, biking has become easier than driving. 

The durability of an electric bike motor is also affected by its type; there are geared hub motors, direct drive motors, and mid-drive motors.

You should think about the type of motor you want in your electric bike before buying one. All the motors available are long-lasting, but one might suit your needs more than the others.

Geared Hub Motor

When properly maintained, a geared hub motor can last 3 to 5 years or 10,000 to 15,000 miles. 

Its longevity is good but not as long as a mid-drive vehicle.

How long a motor lasts depends on how much power it can handle.

The standard hub motor produces 750 watts at 80 Newton’s. This limited power capacity makes acceleration difficult, especially up a hill, greatly impacting its performance.

You need to apply constant pressure to the motor of your electric bike while riding, which will reduce the lifespan of the hub motor.

The motor is connected to the electric bike via aluminum spokes. The spokes are easily broken, especially when driving fast on an unpaved road. The location of the motor in hub designs also influences its life span. 

No matter how much you adore this motor, its design makes it more vulnerable to damage.

Direct Drive Motor

The direct drive motor usually has a 750-watt rating at 65 Newton’s and a lifespan of 5,000 hours. 

The motor is built directly into the wheels. Its durability is determined by how you maintain and use it. Riding it frequently will shorten its lifespan.

One of the reasons why many people do not prefer a direct drive motor is because of its weight. 

They lack internal gears, which makes acceleration weak and unresponsive. It is less expensive, but commuters dislike this type of motor.

Mid-Drive Motor

This type of motor can last 5 to 7 years, or approximately 15,000 to 20,000 miles, if properly maintained. It is noticeably more durable than the geared-hub motor.

Mid-drive motors have 750 watts of power and are rated at 120-160 Newton generally. This enormous force contributes to the mid-drive motor’s longevity.

The greater the Newton, the more turns the motor makes, increasing the rate at which the battery is consumed. The motor efficiently consumes the large amounts of amperes supplied by the battery, preventing it from burning.

Black ebike with bosch mid drive motor
eMTB sporting a Bosch mid-drive motor

This type of motor is located in the bike’s center. The motor’s design reduces the possibility of shock-related malfunctions, increasing its durability.

Despite being close to where cyclists rest their legs, the mid-drive motor is well shielded from water and dust thanks to its installation.

The mid-drive motor’s design and power/force capacity contribute to its durability. This benefit does make it more expensive, but you get a lot for the extra you pay.

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How Long Do Other Parts of Your Ebike Last?

Along with the durability of an electric bike motor, the other components of the bike, such as the frame, display and circuitry, tires, brakes, sprockets, chains, and the battery, should be considered.

Those that are worn out should be replaced. All parts must be given the attention they deserve.


You should have up to 1,000 recharges of your battery, which can last up to five years. 

If you notice the battery draining faster or charging slowly, it’s time to replace it. Charge the battery properly, and it will last you for many years. 

When you take your electric bike to a professional to fix it, ensure the battery hasn’t been tampered with. Your electric bike’s usability will suffer if the battery fails.


Some electric bikes have interchangeable batteries that can be replaced with a charged one if the battery dies.

Lithium batteries are powerful and can withstand 1,000 charges, equating to 3-5 years of battery life.

As you cycle, the charging capacity decreases, and letting it die completely can shorten its lifespan. Be sure to charge the battery before it is completely dead.

Poor handling and unfavorable climates can all reduce battery life.


A good chain will last you 1,000 to 3,000 miles. 

This is one of the parts that will quickly wear out quicker than the others. When you see this happening, don’t be surprised; instead, have it replaced so you can keep riding your bike.

bike chain

The chain is typically replaced after 1,000 miles, though this varies depending on the type of motor in the bike. The chain on the mid-drive motor wears out quicker and will require replacement sooner.


The sprocket will last between 12,000 and 18,000 miles before needing to be replaced. Riding harder and faster may cause more damage. 


The brakes can last between 3,000 and 6,000 miles before they wear out. 

The weather, the road, and the riding style affect how quickly the brakes wear out. After riding for a while, you will notice that the brakes are loose or less effective.


When brakes become ineffective, it is time to replace them, so you don’t become a danger to others or yourself. Always ride with fully functional brakes.


The tires wear out quickly and can only travel around 1,000 to 3,000 miles before replacement is required. 


After riding for 2,000 miles, you should have someone take a look at them. Tires can be maintained like traditional bicycles.

Do you ride often? Is the road unpaved? Or are you a risk-taking rider? All of these factors will affect how long the tire lasts.

Display and Circuitry


This is the information console for your electric bike. It will display your current riding speed, remaining battery life, the distance traveled, and the amount of power consumed by the battery. The display and circuitry will last long if you protect them from moisture.

This console also shows how much peddling assistance you use while riding. You often do not need a display on your bike and can use a compatible smartphone app instead.

To prevent damage, keep the display clean and dry at all times.



If you don’t take care of the frame, it will rust quickly. To extend the frame’s life, clean it and oil it as needed. 

Set aside some time each week to clean up the frame. Dust it and clean out any debris that has accumulated in the drivetrain.

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Tips To Make Your Electric Bike Motor Last Longer

It doesn’t take much to make an electric bike motor last longer; you should take care of all the bike’s components to extend its life.

The motor you use can also influence how you care for it.

  • To care for mid-drive motors, keep the motor clean at all times. Do not allow the motor to be submerged in water. When you want to use the bike, check the cover. 
  • Listen for changes in the sound of the electric bike motor. This change might indicate an error that needs to be identified and corrected.
  • A geared-hub motor can be kept in good working condition by regularly inspecting and lubricating the spokes. Check and adjust the pressure in your electric bike tires to avoid stressing the motor.
  • Given that the motor is installed directly in the wheels, you should lubricate the chain and cassette, as they directly contribute to the motor’s functionality. Due to the nature of its design, direct-drive motors last longer than other types of motors. 
  • Before using your electric bike, ensure the wheels are in good condition. Tires should not be over-inflated, and chains should be lubricated regularly. In general, avoid unpaved roads and rough riding.
  • Examine your electric bike motor and other parts regularly to ensure they are in excellent condition. When one or two parts are damaged, the motor’s functionality suffers considerably.

Final Thoughts

The lifespan of an electric bike motor is determined by the type of motor and how well it is maintained. 

Determine your needs and if you can afford a more durable motor before buying an electric bike. Extra funds can be used to purchase an electric bike with a long-lasting motor or to maintain the existing motor.  

Keep your electric bike clean and ensure all the parts are in good condition to continue enjoying your high-performance electric bike.