How to Mount Women’s Bike on Bike Rack

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast driving your bicycles off-road, you could greatly benefit from a durable mounted rack.

However, mounting a women’s bike on a car bike rack is a bit challenging. 

So, before you hit the road, you should know how to mount your bike. Continue reading this article to learn the step-by-step procedure on how to mount women’s bikes on a car rack.

Why Are Women’s Bikes trickier to Mount?

Traditionally, women’s bikes are trickier to mount because their top tube isn’t horizontal. Instead, it bends at an almost 45-degree angle. This makes them harder to mount on the rear of car bike racks.

woman posing on her bicycle with flowers in bike basket.

Men’s and women’s bikes are structurally different. If you carefully examine a women’s bicycle, you’ll see that the top tube descends at a sharp angle through the handlebars to the rear wheel. This part of “conventional” bikes is horizontal and usually connects bikes to car bike racks.

Many female bike types have this slanted upper tube. These are usually called step-through bikes. 

Crossbar adapters are helpful in this situation since we need something to replace the horizontal top tube’s function.

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Tools You’ll Need

Below are the tools you will require when mounting your bike:

Crossbar Adapter

A crossbar adapter creates a horizontal top tube on non-conventional bike frames, making it much easier to mount a step through bicycle.

Car Bike Rack

You need a bike rack to mount a woman’s bike on a vehicle. If you don’t have it, though, don’t worry. You can buy it online and mount it on your car.

The roof, trunk, spare tire, and hitch are just a few spots on your car where different bike racks can be installed. It is entirely up to you which you prefer.

Bike racks are practical because you can quickly connect and detach your bike from them. Furthermore, most are incredibly strong and can handle numerous cycles at once.

U lock

Consider purchasing a U-lock made of hardened steel. These locks are robust and incredibly challenging to pick without heavy equipment. 

U-locks, also known as D-locks, are strong padlocks encircle your bike and whatever you try to lock it to.

You can use a U-lock to secure your bicycle if it is unstable. The lock is strong enough to support extensive tools but can still easily open with a key or combination. 

We advise you to choose a U-lock that is easy to carry and fits around your bike and whatever you intend to attach it to.

Bike Lock Cable

Cable locks are compact, lightweight bike locks that move around with little hassle.  Cable locks are just as flexible as chain locks, so you can attach different objects to them. Combination locks are also available on the market.

When buying a bike lock, consider the following factors:

  • Protection.
  • Utility.
  • Value.

You should pick a lock that complements your bicycle. For instance, you’ll want a D lock that’s highly secure if you’ve put a lot of money into your bike.

Wheel Straps

Wheel straps are more affordable for attaching your bike to the rack. The wheels are secured to the frame by these straps.

How To Mount Women’s Bike on Car Roof Rack

The most adaptable are roof racks, which may be customized with extras to transport almost any outdoor item, including surfboards, snowboards, motorcycles, and cargo boxes. 

Roof racks are reliable, keep cargo out of the way, and allow easy access to vehicle doors.

You can secure your bike using wheel straps and an adjustable bar that hooks to the downtube, which is often locked for further security.

Remember that you must lift your bike to about head height to load it, which may not be possible with large bikes. 

Furthermore, it might be difficult to see roof-mounted bikes while driving, so it’s critical to be alert to any height restrictions beneath bridges or parking lot barriers.

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How To Mount Women’s Bike on Car Rear Rack

bicycles mounted on rear of car bike rack

You will need a top tube adapter to mount your bike. Once you have the top-tube adapter, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Install the Top Tube Adapter

By securing a crossbar adapter to the bike, you can make a top tube that resembles the ones on men’s bikes. This will make it simple to mount the bike on the rack.

Step 2: Confirm That the Rack Is Solid.

Your bike rack shouldn’t move in any way, whether you are driving, braking, or speeding. If you discover your bike rack is unsteady, tighten the fasteners.

Step 3: Bolt Down the Rack’s Arms

Find and lock the arms of the bike rack when it has been securely installed. To lock it, you simply need to pull it up.

Certain arm locks could require you to tighten a screw. Ensure the arms are raised sufficiently when fastening the bike to keep it from touching the car.

Step 4: Attach the Bicycle to the Rack’s Arms.

Now, you can easily mount the bike on the rack arms. You can start by positioning the top portion of the frame. Take care to avoid damaging your bike or your car.

While you’re about it, check that the bike’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the rack. 

Step 5: Keep Your Bicycle Safe

To secure the bike, lock the arms of the rack and bike frame together, and you’re done!

Here’s a video to help with the process

How to mount women’s bike on car bike rack

Safety Tips Before Mounting Women’s Bike on Rack.

  • If possible, lift the bike rack at or above waist level. The bike will be easy to mount as a result.
  • Get the best lock you can afford. 
  • Register your bicycle, if you can, with the local police force. You only need your bike’s serial number.
  • You can report a bike theft to the police by filing a report. You can also get in touch with your provider if you have insurance.
  • Place the bike on the rack with the front wheel on the far left or right side of the bike rack. The bike will be more stable as a result.
  • When mounting more than one bike, ensure they are facing opposite directions, so their handlebars don’t clash against each other. 

Other Way to Carry Your Bike When Driving to the Trails.

If you have a big car, such as a truck or an SUV, you can simply carry your bike inside the vehicle’s trunk.

2 men with 5 mtbs in back of pickup truck

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We know it’s more complicated than it seems to mount a ladies’ bike to a standard bike rack.

If you’ve got a women’s bike, you’ll benefit from having a top bar adapter because it will make it easier and safer to transport step-through bikes.

And if you believe something other than a bicycle crossbar adapter will be helpful, just spend money on a bike rack specially made for non-conventional bikes.

You should, however, do your research to determine what will work best for you. Consult your friends and the local bike shop if possible too.