Benefits of Mountain Biking

Benefits of mountain biking

Mountain biking is unbelievably exciting and addictive too (not a bad thing considering the amount of benefits you’ll get from it). Mountain biking basically involves riding bikes off road, usually over rough terrain using specially-designed mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. Many people have unintentionally become more fit and healthier by engaging in mountain biking. Now … Read more

How to Remove Rust from Bike Chain

How to remove rust from bike chain

The chain is basically the ‘engine’ of the bicycle because it is responsible (together with the pedals) for transferring energy from our leg muscles to the machine. With a rusty bike chain, your bike will be less efficient, producing less total power and a sub-par biking experience.  Growing up, I once wondered how the chains … Read more

Bicycle Hand Signals

Bicycle hand signals

There’s nothing less exciting to the new cyclist than bike safety. This, however, doesn’t make it any less important. Today, we’ll be covering hand signals for bicyclists. In the US, it’s required by law to use bike hand signals even though they are rarely enforced. Whether you are a daily bike commuter, or fancy a casual … Read more

How to tighten a bike chain

How to tighten a bike chain

Got a loose bicycle chain? That’s unfortunate. Not to worry, slack chains are a pretty common issue on bikes; new and old alike. Knowing how to tighten a bike chain is an important skill for any biker. Fortunately, this skill is easy to learn and can save you time, money and even injury.  This article … Read more

Bike Captions, Quotes and Status Updates for Instagram

Epic Bike Captions for Instagram

You’ve got the bike. You’ve taken the perfect shot. But the perfect caption eludes you. Not to worry, we’ve compiled an exhaustive (if only you knew) list of bike captions, bike ride captions, savage bike captions, motorcycle captions, biking quotes, cycling quotes and more. Heck! We’ve even got bike status update material. Welcome to our … Read more

Men’s Vs Women’s Bikes

Mens vs Womens Bikes

Some may think that the need to differentiate men’s and women’s bikes is a bit outdated. It also doesn’t help that in the past, women’s bikes were a bit of a joke performance-wise. Today, however, women’s bikes can easily match men’s bikes in specs, comfort and performance.  Despite the improvement in female bike performance, there … Read more

Biking Puns

Funny Biking Puns

WARNING: This blog post contains wheely horrible biking puns. Here’s our list of spoke-tacular biking puns so bad we should be put behind (handle) bars. They’re funny, hilarious, bad and sometimes downright disgusting. Can you handle ‘em? If yes, read on at your own peril. It’s all “downhill” from here. Enjoy! Bike Puns Related post: … Read more

Gear vs Non Gear Cycle


When comparing bikes today, a majority of the conversation is about what terrain type bike to get; road, mountain, gravel, fat tire and even electric now. It’s understandable. Those are the only types of bicycles we generally hear about now. However, all bicycles can be classified as geared or non-geared bikes. Honestly, I personally only … Read more