Motorcycle Seat: Gel vs. Memory Foam

Motorcycle seat gel vs memory foam

When it comes to motorcycle seats, it’s not a case of one fits all. Comfort is key for all motorcycle riders, and the type of seat a rider opts for may depend on the nature of their journey. For example, some riders prefer hard models for long-distance rides. Also, the ideal bike seat often depends … Read more

Motorcycle Tire: Tube vs Tubeless

Motorcycle tire tube vs tubeless

Wondering what the difference between a tube and a tubeless tire is? In short, a tubed tire maintains air pressure in a separate, thinner rubber tube positioned between the tire and the rim. Tubeless tires, on the other hand, don’t use such tubes. Instead, they create a strong seal with the rim of your wheel … Read more

How much does a motorcycle weigh?

how much does a motorcycle weigh

Motorcycle weight is an important detail to put into consideration when making a purchase. Buying a motorcycle without being aware of its weight and how much load it can carry may lead to sustaining serious injuries.  To help you out with this question, I’ll be discussing the average weight of motorcycles according to their types, … Read more