Best Road Bikes under $500

Best road bikes under $500

This is the second part of our road bike “beater” series. After covering the best $300 road bikes, the next level up is the $500 sweet spot. In 2023, $500 still isn’t a lot of money for a road bicycle. However, the good news is that there are many more road bikes with decent tech, … Read more

Best Road Bikes under $300

Best road bikes under $300

Road bikes are built for riding on paved roads. They usually have lightweight frames, dropout handlebars, and narrow tires. There are a few reasons why you’re considering road bikes under $300. You may be looking for: No matter your reasons, we’ve sifted through more than 17 road bikes under $300 and have come up with … Read more

How much does a Road Bike weigh?

How much does a road bike weigh

A road bike is an excellent way to get around. They’re fast, efficient, and fun to ride. But one of the things that can be a bit off-putting about bikes is their weight.  Road bikes are built for speed and efficiency, making them lighter than other types of bicycles.  But just how much does a … Read more