Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

When it comes to long motorcycle rides, comfort can often make the difference between a memorable adventure and an uncomfortable ordeal. A high-quality seat pad is essential to ensure rider comfort and prevent fatigue.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the best motorcycle seat pads for long rides. Our top overall pick? The Wild Ass Smart Lite Motorcycle Seat Cushion, a game-changer for road warriors that’s as wild as its name suggests! 

But don’t overlook our best value option, the Skwoosh Circulator, offering top-tier comfort without breaking the bank. 

And for those who love a little luxury, we also have the plush Alaska Leather Seat Pad. Get ready for the ride of your life – in comfort and style! Buckle up, let’s dive into the details!

Table of Contents

Best Motorcycle Seat Pads | Best Overall | Best Value | Best sheepskin | How our picks compare | Buyer’s Guide

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad for Long Rides

Welcome to your ultimate guide to comfort on two wheels! If you’re someone who lives to ride, enduring a sore rear shouldn’t be part of the experience. Let us help you find the best motorcycle seat pad for long rides!

Best Overall: Wild Ass Smart Air Gel Motorcycle Seat Pad

The Wild Ass Smart Lite Motorcycle Seat Cushion brings both comfort and innovation to motorcycle seating. Designed to fit most large cruisers, sport touring bikes, and large V-twins, this cushion aims to make riding a pleasure by reducing painful pressure points and promoting circulation. 

Wild Ass Smart Lite Motorcycle Seat Cushion, Black
  • MATERAL: The Wild Ass Lite motorcycle seat cushion is constructed of economical light weight polyurethane which REDUCES…
  • At 15.5 inches wide, the WILD ASS SMART is a UNIVERSAL FIT for most large Cruisers, Standard, Sport touring, Adventure…
  • One of the KEY features of the WILD ASS SMART shaped motorcycle air cushion is the wide FRONT TO BACK CUT-OUT that…
  • This is also a great cushion for the REAR SEAT of the LARGER TOURING MOTORCYCLES.
  • UNLIMITED USE: Can be used anywhere you sit, whether on your motorcycle, vehicle, office chair, etc.

Crafted with lightweight polyurethane, this cushion works wonders in reducing heat and moisture buildup and mitigating shock and vibration, making it an attractive solution for occasional riders on a budget. 

What stands out about the Wild Ass cushion is its front-to-back cut-out design, which minimizes contact with sensitive areas, increasing comfort during long rides. This cushion isn’t restricted to motorbikes alone – its versatile design allows it to be used anywhere one sits, such as in a vehicle or office chair, thus multiplying its utility.

The Wild Ass Motorcycle Seat Cushion has managed to strike a balance between comfort, versatility, and practical design. Its ability to reduce discomfort and enhance blood circulation during long rides is highly appreciated by users. 

What We Like

  • Its universal fit adapts to most large motorbikes.
  • Effective reduction of painful pressure points and promotion of circulation.
  • Its cut-out design significantly reduces contact with sensitive areas.
  • Lightweight and economical, perfect bang for your buck.
  • Its ability to reduce heat and moisture build-up.
  • Versatile design for use in multiple settings beyond the motorcycle.

What People Like and Dislike

Promotes comfort during long ridesHigher price compared to some other seat cushions
Successfully mitigates shock and vibrationMay raise the seat height, which could take some getting used to
Useful for riders with back issues or injuriesNot ideal for sports riding due to positioning and movement challenges

Bonus: Here is a guide on the best motorcycle seating positions for comfort. 

Best Value: Skwoosh Circulator 

This next product on our list of best motorcycle pads for long rides comes from the well-respected Skwoosh brand, known for their quality and reliability. The Skwoosh Motorcycle Circulator Pad is a lightweight, easy-to-use accessory designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Motorcycle Circulator Pad for long ride cool air ventilation and comfort with non-skid bottom and elastic strap attachment | SKWOOSH
  • No hot seat from sitting in the hot sun or from a long ride
  • “See-thru” ventilation and construction allows for unrestricted air flow and a cool ride
  • Non-water absorbing fabric – just shake and ride with easy elastic strap attachment
  • Lightweight | Easy to Store | Non-Skid Bottom | Stain Resistant | No maintenance
  • Sewn-in elastic strap can be looped around front of seat | Imported

Weighing a mere 6.4 ounces, and measuring 17 x 14 x 0.5 inches, this pad offers comfort and air circulation for those long, hot rides. Its innovative ‘see-through’ construction not only allows for unrestricted airflow but also offers a cool and comfortable ride.

With a non-water absorbing fabric, the pad requires minimal maintenance. If the pad gets wet, riders simply have to shake it off and ride. The Skwoosh Motorcycle Circulator Pad is also equipped with a sewn-in elastic strap that can be looped around the front of the seat, making it easy to attach. 

It is non-skid, ensuring a secure grip, and stain-resistant, ensuring it maintains its aesthetic appeal. The pad is lightweight and easy to store, making it a versatile addition to your motorbike gear.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and portable design
  • ‘See-through’ construction for unrestricted airflow
  • Non-skid and stain-resistant features
  • Non-water absorbing fabric with easy maintenance
  • Easy elastic strap attachment system
  • Reliable Skwoosh brand product

What People Like and Dislike 

Effective air circulation for coolingAvailability issues
Low maintenance, easy to cleanSome might prefer thicker padding
Comes with a non-skid featureMay need some time to break-in

Best Sheepskin (natural) Seat Pad: Alaska Leather 

Alaska Leathers’ Sheepskin Buttpad, a handmade, meticulously designed motorcycle seat pad that takes comfort to a new level. With dimensions of 18″ Wide x 18″ Long and 4 size options, this seat cover aims to keep you cool during the hot summer rides and warm in the colder weather. Its universal fit and easy-on-easy-off design make it a versatile choice for motorcyclists.

Alaska Leather Large Sheepskin Buttpad® – Motorcycle Seat Pad (Black Sheared)
  • 100% real sheepskin
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Increases riding comfort
  • Affordable
  • Made in USA

Constructed from 100% real sheepskin, the Buttpad is made in the USA and comes in various styles, including sheared, long hair, and natural varieties, with each type offering a unique experience. 

Sheared Buttpads are efficient in cooling and comfort as they pocket more air, while the long hair Buttpads, with their 1.5″ to 3″ loft, provide a thicker feel that may boost you up in the seat. The natural Buttpads, available in sheared and long hair types, are uniquely tanned in small batches, making them a luxury item.

The pad is secured with an adjustable elastic strap, and its design leaves the underside natural to prevent it from sliding around on the seat. Alaska Leather also offers a nose strap option for those who stand up on their pegs. This affordable seat pad adds not just to the rider’s comfort but also the overall motorcycle experience.

What We Like

  • Handmade from 100% real sheepskin
  • Efficient in both cooling and providing warmth
  • Easy to install and remove with adjustable strap
  • Versatility in styles – sheared, long hair, and natural varieties
  • Durable and made in the USA
  • Additional nose strap option

What People Like and Dislike 

Comfort provided by real sheepskinHigher price than synthetic options
Keeps cool in summer, warm in winterLimited availability 
Choice between sheared and long-haired versionsSome may find it bulky 

CHCycle Gel Seat Pad

The CHCYCLE Motorcycle Seat Cushion is a versatile and highly functional product designed to enhance the overall riding experience. Priced typically between $35-$50, this seat cushion comes with a unique 3D honeycomb gel structure that ensures effective shock absorption and adds an extra layer of comfort. 

CHCYCLE Motorcycle Seat Cushion, Motorcycle Gel Seat Pad with 3D Honeycomb Shock-Absorbing Breathable Seat Cover
  • [Novel design]:The motorcycle gel seat cushions is designed with Ventilated air guide slot,keeping the butt…
  • [Unique Honeycomb gel structure]: After a lot of riding tests,our riders are satisfied with this honeycomb get structure…
  • [Soft & comfortable material]: quick-drying sandwich mesh+waterproof foam+high elastic gel+breathable hollow PVC…
  • [Feature]: Effective sunscreen, breathable, shock absorption, waterproof, soft and comfortable, upgraded strap…
  • [Distributed pressure]: Petal shape, honeycomb skeleton, effective pressure on the butt evenly distributed on both…

It’s a welcome solution for riders who experience discomfort during long rides. The seat cushion is marked by its novel design, featuring a ventilated air guide slot that aids in breathability, providing a cool and comfortable seating experience. 

The cushion employs a combination of quick-drying sandwich mesh, waterproof foam, high elastic gel, and breathable hollow PVC anti-skid cloth for a well-rounded performance.

Furthermore, its petal shape design facilitates even distribution of pressure, allowing riders to maintain a comfortable posture. The cushion’s waterproof feature and effective sunscreen capabilities further add to its value. 

The CHCYCLE seat cushion is also characterized by its upgraded strap anti-theft buckle design, ensuring a secure fit for your ride. It’s a universal size, suitable for a range of motorcycles, and its high gel seat design and foldable feature add to its practicality.

What We Like

  • Unique 3D Honeycomb gel structure for effective shock absorption
  • Ventilated air guide slot that promotes breathability
  • Durable and comfortable materials, including quick-drying sandwich mesh, waterproof foam, and high elastic gel
  • Petal shape design for even pressure distribution
  • Waterproof and effective sunscreen features
  • Upgraded strap anti-theft buckle design
  • Foldable and easy to store

What People Like and Dislike

Effective shock absorption Might not be robust enough for off-road biking
Pressure distribution design Some may find the design aesthetically unappealing 
Anti-theft buckle designCushioning level is relatively low

Skwoosh Sheepskin Seat Pad

The Skwoosh Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover Pad is a thoughtfully designed, high-quality accessory that aims to provide enhanced comfort for motorcycle riders. Retailing at nearly $50, this seat cover is made from natural, genuine sheepskin leather and wool, guaranteeing its durability and luxury feel.

Skwoosh Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Cover Pad Natural Plush Genuine Wool for Temperature Control Summer and Winter and Cushioning for Comfort (Classic Medium)
  • Natural Sheepskin – Genuine Leather Wool
  • Fully bound edge with non-skid bottom fabric
  • Adjustable elastic strap secures cover to seat for security with sewn-in side buckles
  • 13″ wide x 11″ long and 3/4″ thick for light cushioning (Classic Medium)
  • Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

This pad not only enhances the overall comfort of your ride but also ensures temperature control. This is achieved through the natural wool fiber that facilitates air circulation, which keeps the seat cool during summer and warm during winter. The natural sheepskin is soft and provides a comfortable air cushion acting as a temperature insulator.

The pad is of universal fit and comes with a fully bound edge with a non-skid bottom fabric, ensuring the cover stays securely in place. It also features an adjustable elastic strap with sewn-in side buckles for added security. It measures 13″ wide x 11″ long and is 3/4″ thick, providing light cushioning for a more comfortable ride.

It also fits various seat styles and offers light padding. The Skwoosh Sheepskin Seat Cover Pad is certainly a plush comfort solution that addresses temperature control and provides the necessary cushioning for both short and long rides.

What We Like

  • Made from genuine sheepskin leather and wool, ensuring durability and luxury.
  • Comes with temperature control features to keep the seat cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Has a non-skid bottom fabric for stability.
  • Includes an adjustable elastic strap with sewn-in side buckles for added security.
  • Provides light cushioning for added comfort during rides.
  • Universal fit, suitable for a variety of seat styles.

What People Like and Dislike

Improves comfort substantiallySome found it to be a bit small for their seat
Quality of the materialThe seams could create additional pressure points
Effective temperature controlSingle strap design may not be sufficient for a secure fit
Customer service is quick to respond and resolve issuesSome instances of the clip breaking have been reported

How Our Picks Compare

Wild Ass Smart Air GelSkwoosh CirculatorAlaska LeatherCHCycle Gel Seat PadSkwoosh Sheepskin Seat Pad
Material Polyurethane, Air gelNylon, Polyethylene, Air-Flo3DSheepskinGel, PVC, Sandwich MeshSheepskin Leather, Wool
Special FeatureFront-to-back cut-out designSee-through construction Real sheepskin Honeycomb gelNatural temperature control 
SizeUniversal 17″ x 14″ x 0.5″18″ x 18″ (4 Sizes)Universal 13’ x 11’ x ¾’
DesignMinimizes contact with sensitive areasPromotes airflow, Elastic attachment strapNatural Sheepskin, Adjustable elastic strap3D Honeycomb Gel, Ventilated air guide slotNatural wool fiber, non-skin bottom
Additional FeaturesVersatile for use beyond motorcyclesStain-resistant, non-water absorbingVersatility in style Quick-drying, waterproof, anti-theft buckleAdjustable elastic strap with buckles

Things to Know

Our chosen selection caters to a variety of riders’ needs. The Wild Ass Smart Air Gel stands out for its innovative cut-out design, which minimizes contact with sensitive areas, reducing pressure points and promoting circulation. Its versatility extends its use beyond motorcycles, adding more value for the price. 

The Skwoosh Circulator, on the other hand, shines with its ‘see-through’ construction allowing unrestricted airflow for those long, hot rides. Its lightweight design and minimal maintenance requirements make it an excellent value for money choice.

The Alaska Leather seat pad provides a unique experience with its 100% real sheepskin construction, offering comfort, cooling, and warmth during varied weather conditions. Its sheared and long hair variants cater to different rider preferences.

CHCycle’s gel seat pad features a unique 3D honeycomb gel structure that absorbs shock effectively, providing extra comfort. Its ventilated air guide slot aids in breathability, while the anti-theft buckle ensures security. 

Finally, the Skwoosh Sheepskin Seat Pad offers a luxurious feel with its natural sheepskin leather and wool construction, coupled with effective temperature control. Its light cushioning and universal fit make it a versatile pick. 

How We Picked

We conducted thorough research, taking into account a variety of factors including material quality, special features, size, weight, design, and additional features. Our goal was to find products that balance comfort, durability, functionality, and value for money. 

We also considered user reviews, brand reputation, and personal testing to ensure our picks cater to diverse needs and preferences of motorcycle riders for long journeys.

Buyers’ Guide

When you’re ready to purchase a motorcycle seat pad, you don’t want to pick the first one you come across. It’s crucial to find one that meets your specific needs and enhances your riding experience. 

As a motorcycle aficionado, here’s a guide through the process. Let’s break down the most important factors to consider:

Seat Pad Material

The first thing to look at is what the pad is made of. The most common materials are foam, gel, and air-filled pads. Foam pads can offer good support, but may lose their shape over time. 

Gel pads conform to your shape and absorb vibration, but can get hot in the sun. Air-filled pads, like our top pick, the Wild Ass Smart Lite, allow you to adjust firmness and can distribute weight evenly to prevent pressure points. 

Cover Material

Next, consider the cover material. Breathable fabrics like neoprene or mesh can help prevent sweating, while sheepskin covers, like the Alaska Leather seat pad, provide additional comfort and a touch of luxury.

Shape and Size

Seat pads come in various shapes and sizes. Make sure to measure your motorcycle seat to ensure the pad fits correctly. Some pads are contoured to offer extra support in specific areas, which can be helpful on long rides.

Attachment Mechanism

You’ll also want to look at how the seat pad attaches to your bike. It should have a secure and easy-to-use attachment system to prevent it from slipping while riding.

Maintenance and Durability

Consider how easy the pad is to clean and maintain. Some pads have removable, machine-washable covers. Also, take into account the pad’s durability. The last thing you want is a pad that wears out quickly after a few rides.

Rider’s Individual Needs

Last but certainly not least, think about your specific needs as a rider. If you’re planning a long tour, pressure relief and comfort should be your priority. 

For shorter rides in hot weather, a seat pad with good ventilation might be key. If you have any pre-existing health conditions like back or hip pain, look for a pad that provides extra support in these areas.

Remember, the right motorcycle seat pad can make a big difference in your riding experience. Don’t be afraid to invest in a high-quality pad that suits your needs and your style of riding. Every mile will be worth it when you’re comfortable and ready to tackle the next adventure on the horizon.


To wrap things up, a good motorcycle seat pad is an investment worth making, especially for long rides. Our top pick, the Wild Ass Smart Lite Motorcycle Seat Cushion, offers remarkable comfort and durability. 

The Skwoosh Circulator is an excellent budget-friendly choice, and the Alaska Leather Seat Pad is a good natural alternative. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget. 

Remember, a comfortable ride not only enhances your journey but also reduces fatigue and potential health risks. Invest in a good motorcycle seat pad today, and enjoy the miles ahead in comfort and style!