How to test eBike Battery

How to test ebike battery

You can check your eBike’s battery health using a multimeter or by completing a natural road test. Checking the battery’s voltage, current, and resistance can help you determine if the battery is in good shape.  What You’ll Need Ebike Battery Tests To conduct a thorough Ebike battery test, you must check the battery’s voltage, current, … Read more

How Long does an Electric Bike Motor last?

how long does an ebike motor last

An electric bike motor can last between 3 to 10 years. This might sound like a long time, but the longevity of an electric bike motor is solely dependent on maintenance and usage. When properly maintained, the motor can outlast all other bike parts. Given how well the motor is built, you’ll probably replace all other … Read more

Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal

Electric bike speed limiter removal

Electric bikes typically have speed limiters that won’t allow you to go past a certain speed. This is to ensure the rider’s safety and comply with the local regulations regarding electric bikes’ maximum speed. With that in mind, you may want to unlock your e-bike’s true potential and allow yourself to go faster than you … Read more

How do Electric Bikes Charge?

how do electric bikes charge

Electric bikes are the future of transportation. They’re environmentally friendly, don’t produce any emissions, and are efficient. Today, more people are choosing to ride electric bikes, and the market is growing rapidly. One of the most common questions about electric bikes is how they work. How do electric bikes charge? This is the question we’ll … Read more

Why are e Bikes so Expensive?

why are e bikes so expensive

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a sustainable and convenient way to travel.  It’s no wonder people want to ditch their cars and switch to an e-bike. They want to do their bit for the environment, and they want to save money on fuel. However, one of the main criticisms of e-bikes is … Read more

How to Transport an eBike

how to transport e bikes

If you are bored of riding your eBike along the same route over and over, it may be time to begin some exploring: a biking route further away from your house or a vacation where you get the most out of the new scenery.  However, eBikes are pretty heavy, and transporting them may be a … Read more

How to turn light on an electric bike

how to turn light on electric bike

So you’ve got your brand new eBike. You’ve pretty much got the hang of it. Now, you wanna do some night riding. Oh snap, the question pops into your head: “how do I turn on the lights on my electric bike?” It should go without saying that you should also ride at night or in … Read more

How much does an electric bike cost?

how much do e-bikes cost

Electric bikes are great for people that want to reduce their dependence on cars and try something else. Electric bikes enable you to ride even when you don’t want to do an intense workout because of the pedaling assistance they provide. Cycling around has many known benefits, some of which include improved health and a … Read more