How much do Mountain Bikes weigh?

how much do mountain bikes weigh

Bike weight seems to be a hot topic among bikers of all types—and it’s usually for good reason. It’s hardly the first feature you look out for when buying your first bike. However, as you fully join the biking community and start to upgrade your bike or its components, you’d find yourself talking about bike … Read more

What muscles does mountain biking work?

what muscles does mountain biking work

Most of us took up mountain biking for the fun of it. But under the hood, mountain biking works and develop our muscles. I for one, never really gave it much thought. Recently, I figured out how amazing the work done by the muscles is when we ride bikes. Our muscles play a major role … Read more

Where to put bike lock while riding

where to put bike lock while riding

Your bike frame isn’t the only place you can put your bike lock when riding. There are better and safer places to keep your bike lock when riding to avoid it from falling off, damaging your bike, or hindering a smooth ride.  A 2019 survey found that throughout North America, more than two million bikes … Read more

Are Foldable Bikes Safe?


Did you know that folding bikes have become increasingly popular since the public developed an interest in them in the 1970s? And according to this report, the global folding bike market has grown exponentially and is expected to grow even more by 7.30% annually between 2022-2027.  For many of us who live in cities, folding … Read more

Effect of Cycling on Body Shape

Effect of cycling on body shape

When people first take up cycling, they are usually riddled with questions about how this leg-dominant sport will impact their body shape. Most common queries are related to weight loss and stacked legs: Does cycling means I’ll have big legs? Will it make me lose weight quickly? While there are numerous health benefits of cycling, … Read more

How to Transport an eBike

how to transport e bikes

If you are bored of riding your eBike along the same route over and over, it may be time to begin some exploring: a biking route further away from your house or a vacation where you get the most out of the new scenery.  However, eBikes are pretty heavy, and transporting them may be a … Read more