Mountain Bike Helmet vs Road Bike Helmet

MTB vs Road Helmet

Helmets are vital as they reduce the risk of brain injury and death by taking the brunt of the crash impact. However, choosing a fitting helmet is just as crucial as wearing one. This article will look at the two most common types of bike helmets – Road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets. What … Read more

How to Mount Women’s Bike on Bike Rack

How to mount women's bike on bike rack

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast driving your bicycles off-road, you could greatly benefit from a durable mounted rack. However, mounting a women’s bike on a car bike rack is a bit challenging.  So, before you hit the road, you should know how to mount your bike. Continue reading this article to learn the step-by-step procedure … Read more

Commuting with a Mountain Bike

commuting with a mountain bike

Commuting with a mountain bike isn’t impossible. However, it would be best to consider your terrain when picking the right bike for commuting, as mountain bikes make a better choice for rough terrains. If you don’t plan to ride your mountain bike on bumpy and challenging terrains, consider making basic modifications for a better and … Read more

Can You put Fat tires on any Bike?

Can you put fat tires on any bike

If you’re a fan of fat bikes, you probably know they have wide fat tires, also known as fat tires, because they’re 4-5 inches wide. On the other hand, mountain bikes feature tires that aren’t as wide. They range between 2 and 2.5 inches in width. Many people prefer fat tires over regular ones because … Read more

Is a Recumbent Bike good for Bad Knees?

Is a recumbent bike good for bad knees

Whether you have a knee injury and can’t put too much pressure on your joints or are struggling with osteoarthritis, a recumbent bike will significantly improve your exercise routine.  Yes, recumbent bikes are good for bad knees because its reclined position puts less stress on your knees and joints. Recumbent bikes place their rider in … Read more

Can you get Shin Splints from Cycling?

Can you get shin splints from biking

Shin splints are a big problem for many people. The pain can range from bearable to completely unbearable and is likely to limit your performance. But shin splints hardly occur in cyclists. At least 20% of people that engage in high-impact activities get shin splints. However, shin splints aren’t among the top cycling injuries. Can … Read more

How to test eBike Battery

How to test ebike battery

You can check your eBike’s battery health using a multimeter or by completing a natural road test. Checking the battery’s voltage, current, and resistance can help you determine if the battery is in good shape.  What You’ll Need Ebike Battery Tests To conduct a thorough Ebike battery test, you must check the battery’s voltage, current, … Read more

How much does a Bike Chain Cost?

How much does a bike chain cost

If you are an avid cyclist, you already know bike chains don’t last forever.  The average life of a bicycle chain ranges between 3000 to 8000 kilometers. After that, you’ll need to replace the bike chain, ensuring flawless performance. Keep reading as we share information about bike chain costs, replacement tips, and everything you need to … Read more

How much does a Road Bike weigh?

How much does a road bike weigh

A road bike is an excellent way to get around. They’re fast, efficient, and fun to ride. But one of the things that can be a bit off-putting about bikes is their weight.  Road bikes are built for speed and efficiency, making them lighter than other types of bicycles.  But just how much does a … Read more

Can I use Mountain Bike on Road?

Can I use MTB on road

A mountain bike is specially designed to be ridden on uneven and rough terrain. It’s a popular style of bike that people don’t usually use on roads. If you’re wondering, can I use a mountain bike on the road, then the answer is yes. You can ride a mountain bike on the road if you … Read more