Electric Bike Weight Limits

After going over electric bike weights in our previous post, I’ve found out that electric bike weight limits is also a common query about electric bikes. Honestly, electric bike weight capacity has never been something I’d thought much about. To answer this topic completely, I scoured the web to find out just how much weight an eBike can carry?

In this article, I’ll go over weight limits for electric bikes, the importance of bike weight limits and cover the weight limits by eBike type and those of some popular electric bikes. 

What is the electric bike weight limit?


The electric bike weight limit is the maximum weight limit or payload capacity where an electric bike will maintain its optimal performance. Optimal performance means the manufacturer’s expected bike speed, acceleration, braking, handling, range, and reliability. 

Putting a heavier weight than the max weight limit will significantly affect the speed of an electric bike, reduce its range, and put major strain on bike parts such as frame, battery, and tires. 

This strain can cause the bike frame to bend, break or even have tires pop out. 

Why are electric bike weight limits important?

Electric bike weight limits are important for bike safety and bike performance reasons. 


An electric bike is a vehicle and as such should be safe for the rider as well as other users of public roads, trails, bike lanes etc. An electric bike must also be able to accelerate, stop and turn easily. Adding excess weight (above bike weight limit) increases the risk of injury to both the rider and other road or off-road users.


Putting excess weight on an electric bike significantly reduces the performance of your electric bike. It reduces your ability to handle, accelerate or brake. It strains all parts of your bike including the frame, tires, seats, pedals, motor and battery and can lead to temporary or permanent damage. This stress also reduces your electric bike’s speed, range and reliability.

Following the recommended electric bike weight limit makes sure that your bike is safe to use and performs as it is supposed to.

How much weight can an eBike carry?

Electric bikes have weight limits between 220 – 350 lbs. In general, electric bikes can comfortably carry a person weighing around or below 220 lbs (100kg). 

Folding, commuter and racing electric bikes tend to have lower bike weight limits as they are designed for speed and nimbleness. Gocycle G4, an electric folding commuter bike has a maximum rider weight of 220lbs (100kg).  

On the other hand, family and cargo electric bikes have higher bike weight limits as they are designed to carry cargo and more than one person at a time. For example, Radpower’s Radwagon 4 has a maximum payload capacity of 350lb (158kg) 

Note: the total maximum weight limit, or payload capacity includes the weight of the rider, clothing, riding gear, and cargo, etc. This includes everything on the bike, except the weight of the bike itself. 

Electric Bike Weight Limit for popular eBikes

Here’s a list of 11 popular electric bikes by bike weight limits. They range from 220 lbs to 350 lbs.

Electric BikelbkgeBike Type
1Segway x260220100Dirt
2Aventon Pace 500250113Cruiser
3Jetson Bolt250113Folding
4Jetson Bolt Pro265120Folding
5Radpower Bikes275125Mixed
6Super73 All series275 – 330125 – 150Motorcycle
7Sur ron X286130Motorcycle
8Electra Townie 7d300136Cruiser
9Lectric XP 2.0330150Folding
11Sondors Metacycle400181Motorcycle
Popular electric bike weight limits

I think it’s also important to note that bike weight limits differ depending on the genre or main purpose of the bike. I’ll show examples with three different eBike categories: electric folding bikes, cruiser bikes and fat tire bikes.

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Electric Folding Bikes

As the name implies, these bikes are foldable and very convenient. They tend to be fast, stylish and very portable. As a group, they have lower electric bike weight limits because they are not designed for carrying heavy loads or cargo. Electric folding bikes often have weight limits between 220 and 275 lbs.

Electric Folding Bikes – Weight Limitslbkg
Brompton Electric242110
Hummingbird Electric 2.0242110
Radpower Radmini 4275125
Gocycle G4220100
Tern Vektron Q9231105
Weight Limits of Electric Folding Bikes

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric cruiser bikes are designed especially for the recreational or casual cyclist. These bikes are easy to use. They usually have a step-through frame for convenience and have some allowance to carry groceries, bags and occasionally an extra rider. eCruiser bikes can carry loads between 300 – 400 lbs.

Electric Cruiser Bikes – Weight Limitslbkg
Ancheer 26″ Commuter330150
Sixthreezero EVRYJourney300136
Electra Townie Go 7d300136
Electric Bike Co Model C350158
Weight Limits of Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric Fat Tire Bikes

Electric fat tire bikes are sturdy and perform well in the urban jungle as well as off-road. They provide a mix of convenience as well as good off-road performance. The weight limits of electric fat tire bikes tend to range from 250 lbs to 350 lbs.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes – Weight Limitslbkg
Radpower Radrover 5275125
QuietKat Ranger325147
Ecotric Fat Tire Bike26590
Aventon Aventure250113
Bakcou Storm300136
Weight Limits of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

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Are there any legal electric bike weight limits?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no specific legal electric bike weight limits in the US. Please check your local laws to see if there are any. 

However, most manufacturers set out maximum bike weight limits or payload capacities on their website or bike manuals so that their products perform optimally for all buyers. 

If a specific payload, say 200kg causes a substantial drop in bike performance, eBike makers are obliged to inform the public to reduce their liability risk for any mishaps (or safety issues) and to properly inform potential buyers before they make a purchase.

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That’s it folks! A quick summary on electric bike weight limits. To most people, electric bike weight limits may seem irrelevant. Some electric mountain and road bike manufacturers don’t even publish their weight limit data on their websites. 

However, for families, overweight people and even companies planning to go electric for bike delivery, it’s important to check if the weight limit of your preferred electric bike matches your personal, family or business needs. Hope you all found this helpful. 

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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